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Create a study

  1. Select Create a new study.
  2. Decide whether you need a Standard, Multy-Part or Online External Study.
    • Decide whether you reward participants with money or participant hours (VP-Stunden)
    • IMPORTANT: if you reward your participants with either money or participant hours, please select Credits here!
  3. Provide information about the study:
    • The name of the study (keep it short; you can mention your research method here)
    • Abstract (255 symbols): this is shown to your participants at first. Put here the most important information, for example limitations for participation that are not taken into account by a pre-screening procedure (e.g., age).
    • IMPORTANT: If you reward your participants with money, indicate here the amount explicitly.
    • DEscription (up to 15 000 symbols): Details of your study. This is optional, you can just copy the text from the abstract.
    • Duration in minutes:  !! IMPORTANT !!: the duration must correspond to the number of participant hours (VP-Stunden). The rule: each started half-hour must be rewarded with 0.5 participant hour, which is a minimal unit of reward.
    • Add the name of PI: Each study has to have one (and no more than one) PI.
    • Add the name(s) of the Researcher(s): Multiple researchers are allowed in one study.
    • Approval Code of the Ethics Committee: optional.
    • How to make the study visible for participants: → mark fields “Approved” and “Active Study” with “yes”.
    • ADD this Study (press the button)
  4. After the button ADD this Study is pressed, you can check once again all information about the study.
  5. Restrictions (view/modify): you can specify the restrictions for participation here (e.g., mother tongue, vision or hearing problems etc.). The study will  be shown only to those participants, who correspond the specified requirements.
  6. Creation of timeslots → Add a TimeslotAdd Mutiple Timeslots 


Online studies

It is imortant to create timeslots even for online studies. First, it allows to limit the number of participants and set a deadline. Second, it makes possible to monitor who used the link to the study from SONA. In any case, during your online study you should request a 4-digit ID from each anounimous participant and assign participant hours (VP-Stunden) to participants in SONA by using these IDs.

SONA can communicate with several external online questionnaire systems. Information about this functionality can be found here: www.sona-systems.com/help