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After the appointment has taken place

It is important to reward your participants with participant hours (VP-Stunden) after the appointment has taken place. To do so, you should select your experiment in SONA and press All Timeslots  → Modify :

  • if the Participant attended the appointment and participated for participant hours → choose Participated and select the Number of VP-Stunden
  • if the Participant attended the appointment and received money for participation →  choose Participated and set the Number of VP-Stunden to "0"
  • if the Participant did not atend the appointment, but cancelled the appointment on time →  choose No Show Excused
  • if the Participant did not atend the appointment, and also did not cancel the appointment on time →  choose No Show Unexcused (do not use this option for online studies)

→ Important: if a Participant has 3 Unexcused No-Shows, the Account of this Participant will be automatically blocked.

As long as timeslots remain "uncredited", you will receive weekly emails with a reminder from SONA.

Even if participants receive a signature from you, all timeslots should be accurately marked as "participated, received XX participant hours" or "un-/excused no-show"! SONA can only efficiently work if the system is constantly updated and all data are actual.


For Online Studies: External Study Credit Granting (Survey Code feature)

Support for: Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, LimeSurvey, FluidSurveys, Unipark, or Inquisit: http://www.sona-systems.com/help