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Signatures for credits (as of 23/06/2020)
The signatures that psychology students had to collect for credits received in SONA have been eliminated (decision of the council of the Department of Psychology on 20/05/2020). This means that students of all study programmes need not bother obtaining signatures anymore as long as the credits are documented in SONA.

Lab studies continue (as of 19/05/2020)
From 25th of May we will resume offering lab studies. Of course, the health of all participants and researchers has priority. Therefore, additional protective measures are in place. The implementation of these measures lies in the hands of the researchers and PIs of each study individually! The following information are shown to the participants after they log in to SONA:

  • Each lab has its own hygiene regulations, at the beginning of an appointment you will be informed about them.
  • Please only come to the lab if you do not have any flu-like symptoms (in this case please cancel before the appointment).
  • Please bring a face covering and put it on when entering the lab.
  • To be able to trace potential infections, we will collect contact information from all participants and store them for about 4 weeks.

By using SONA you can find potential participants for your studies. You can create and administer multiple studies in the system.

Get to know the basic functions and settings for implementing a study on SONA in this YouTube tutorial for researchers.

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