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Source: Verena Reininger
Logo of SiNC

SiNC: who we are and what we do

Sustainability gains more and more importance to society and therefore the number of initiatives getting involved in this topic is increasing.
To get known to more people, we decided to connect us: three small groups. That’s how SiNC evolved (student initiatives for a sustainable campus). At the moment, this means Studium oecologicum, UniSolar e.V. and Bunte Wiese Potsdam.
We’ve planted some fruit trees at Griebnitzsee and built up a sign in Golm containing all sustainable projects at the campus. Furthermore, we’ve organized a discussion round to collect the opinions and ideas around sustainability all along the university and we’re now thinking how to put these into practice. We started 2019 by designing new versions of Save Energy stickers. The new ones are simpler and contain only one of the topics (close windows, turn down the heating, turn off the light, take only two paper towels) and there will be not only stickers, but also posters.

If you have an own idea how to improve our university or you’re interested in our projects, write us an email or join our monthly meetings. At the moment, we have no fixed dates, but will announce them here in the calendar and in our new telegram group. We always meet at Madia (Lindenstraße 47 in Potsdam).

Action: new telegram group

We re-organize our way to communicate at the moment. We opened a telegram group: t.me/SiNCUP.

We look for people having new ideas - write us an email, if you're interested!

Source: Verena Reininger
Logo of SiNC