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SFB 1287 - Archive

Date | News and events

15.06.2018: Prof. Catherine Best (University of West Sydney) gave a talk in the 6th SFB-Colloquium on "The Australian English accent and its effects on Australians' perception of vowels and words in other English accents", Campus Golm [Abstract]

25.05.2018: Prof. Daniel Swingley (University of Pennsylvania) gave a talk in the 5th SFB-Colloquium on "Phonetic variability and the poverty of the stimulus in constraining developmental hypotheses about language learning", Campus Golm [Abstract]

23.04.2018: Prof. Daniel L. Everett (Trustee Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, Bentley University, Waltham, Mass) gave a talk "On the Role of Culture in Language and Cognition", Campus Golm [Abstract]   Here you can see the lecture.

22.02.2018: Prof. Cécile Fougeron (Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie, CNRS/Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris) gave a talk in the 4th SFB colloquium on "Variation in the production of vowels: multi-factorial approaches, from contextual to aging effects". Campus Golm [Abstract]

14.02.2018: Prof. Liesbeth Degand (University of Louvain) gave a talk in the 3rd SFB colloquium on "A multi-dimensional, multi-functional and multilingual annotation model for discourse markers in spoken language", Campus Golm [Abstract]

25.01.2018: Prof. Sjef Barbiers gave a talk on "Adverbs in strange places". Campus Golm

23. - 25.01.2018: The Mercator Fellow Prof. Sjef Barbiers visited the SFB.

24.01.2018: 2nd SFB colloquium. Prof. Holger Hopp (TU Braunschweig) gave a talk on "L1 effects in L2 sentence processing - Yeti or iceberg?". Campus Golm [Abstract]

In 2018, the SFB will host 4 Short-term Fellows (3 months each):
Nantke Pecht (Maastricht University) will work and study in Project A01 "Integration of linguistic resources in highly diverse urban settings: Stretching the limits of variability". Jenny Yu (Western Sidney University) will work and study in Project B01 "Prosodic cue variability: Effects on spoken language comprehension and production in different populations". Lara Schwarz (Pennsylvania State University) will work and study in Project B04 "Variability in bilingual language processing". Xiayimaierdan Abudushalamu (Michigan State University) will work and study in Project C03 "Effects of variable input on word learning and word recognition in infants".

18.12.2017: MGK-Workshop "Project management in academia: Tools of the trade for challenges", Campus Golm; for SFB members only.

27.11.2017: MGK-Workshop "Academic writing: how to create good texts", Campus Golm; for SFB members only.

24.11.2017: 1st Internal SFB Colloquium, Campus Griebnitzsee.

17.11.2017: 1st SFB Colloquium. Dr. Filip Smolík (Czech Academy of Sciences) gave a talk on "Experiments on gender, number, word order, and case marking in Czech toddlers". Campus Golm. [Abstract]

20.10.2017: Clara Huttenlauch, B01, got awarded with the Dietrich H. Boesken Award 2017 for the best master's degree of the year at the University of Konstanz..

01.10.2017: The SFB 1287 invited applications for short-term fellowship.

04.10.2017: Launch event of the SFB 1287, Obere Mensa at Campus Neues Palais (Press release of the University of Potsdam).

26.07.2017:  Paul Mätzig, B02, won the Allen Newell Best Student-Led Paper Award (Download).

28.08. - 01.09.2017: The first "Potsdam Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology" (SMLP). Campus Neues Palais.

16.05.2017: Press release DFG