T01: Transforming text across media

PI(s): Stede, Manfred, Prof. Dr. / Scheffler, Tatjana, PhD, Prof.

In collaboration with two language-technology companies, the project addresses the task of tailoring text to the conventions and requirements of different target media, in particular written blogs and microblogs (Twitter), and spoken podcasts. The focus is on the discourse-level phenomena of coreference, particle use, and coherence relations. Variation on these dimensions will be correlated with human processing ease in reading/listening experiments. The findings will then be translated into models and algorithms for identifying text passages that should be adapted, and experiments with automatically performing such adaptations will be carried out.


Foto von Manfred Stede

Prof. Dr. Manfred Stede

PI T01


Campus Golm
Department Linguistics
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, House 14, Room 2.31
14476 Potsdam

Foto von Tatjana Scheffler

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tatjana Scheffler

PI T01


German Department
GB 5/157
Ruhr-Universität Bochum