Projects in Phase I (from 2017-2021)

Project IDStatusTitlePI(s)
A01EIntegration of linguistic resources in highly diverse urban settings: Stretching the limits of variabilityWiese / Freywald
A02to be continued as C06Grammatical processing and syntactic changeDemske / Felser
A03E (follow-up as T01)Discourse strategies across social media: Variability in individuals, groups, and channelsScheffler / Stede
B01CProsodic cue variability: Effects on spoken language comprehension and production in different populationsWartenburger / Hanne
B02CUnderstanding variability and its limits in impaired and unimpaired sentence comprehensionVasishth /Burchert / Stadie
B03CModelling the interaction between eye-movement control and parsing processesEngbert / Vasishth
B04CVariability in bilingual language processingClahsen / Felser
B05CVariability and its limits in the time course of language production processesBürki
C01EShift of borders in syntactic variability: A training approachFanselow / Kliegl
C02CLimits of variability in interpretationZimmermann / Koller
C03CEffects of variable input on word learning and word recognition in infantsHöhle / Gafos
C04CInterval-based indices of syllabic structure: The crucial role of variabilityGafos
C05CThe limits of variability in extraction asymmetriesGeorgi
MGKCIntegrated research training groupScheffler
QCScientific service and infrastructure projectVasishth / Engbert
ZCCentral tasks of the CRCWartenburger
C=continued, E=end, N=new