Project C08

C08: Consequences of head argument order for syntax

PI(s): Fanselow, Gisbert, Prof. Dr.

The project will test the hypothesis that there are systematic syntactic differences between (S)VO and (S)OV languages that go beyond further laws of linearization for heads and their arguments. For this purpose, comparable data will be collected systematically in a sample of the world’s languages that is as representative as possible. The aim is also to determine whether pertinent typological generalizations are best captured via the ordering of verb and object or via the structural position of the subject.


Foto von Gisbert Fanselow

Prof. Dr. Gisbert Fanselow

PI C08


Campus Golm
Department Linguistics
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, House 14, Room 3.31
14476 Potsdam