Projects in Phase II (from 2021-2025)

Project IDStatusTitlePI(s)
B01C(In)Variability in prosodic cues and their incremental use in perception, production, and interactionWartenburger / Tuomainen / Hanne
B02CThe link between production and comprehension. Insights from aphasiaBurchert / Stadie
B03CModelling the connection between eye-movement control, sentence processing, and brain signalsVasishth / Engbert / Rabovsky
B04CBilingual processing ability as a predictor for language learningClahsen / Felser
B05C(Limits of) variability in speech planningBürki
B06NPredicting the limits of variability in discourse using neural modelsSchlangen / Stede
C02CLimits of cross-linguistic variability in the interpretation of underspecified structuresZimmermann
C03CEffects of variable input on word learning and word recognition in infantsHöhle / Gafos
C04CPhonetic indices of syllabic organization: The crucial role of variabilityGafos
C05CHidden variability in sharing constructionsGeorgi
C06C (former A02)Grammatical processing and syntactic changeDemske / Felser
C07NLimits of variability in phonotactic acquisition due to universal biasesBoll-Avetisyan
C08NConsequences of head argument order for syntaxFanselow
T01N (successor of A03)Transforming text across mediaStede / Scheffler
MGKCSpecial project: Integrated research training groupGeorgi
QCSpecial project: Scientific service and infrastructure projectVasishth / Engbert
ZCSpecial project: Central tasks of the CRCWartenburger
C=continued, N=new