Physics of Organic Semiconductors

Sommersemester 2022 — Summer term 2022

Bachelor Physik Modul PHY_541a

Master Physik Modul PHY_731m, Modul PHY_741a

Master Lehramt Physik Modul PHY_731LAS

Polymer Science: 2nd year

Lecture: Prof. Dr. Dieter Neher / Dr. Safa Shoaee

Tuesday • 9:15-10:45 •

Exercises: Dr. Frank Jaiser

Thursday • 9:15-10:00 •

Additional Information

The 2 hour lecture (+ 1 hour excercises) covers the fundamentals and applications of organic semiconductors. It addresses students of the Bachelor und Master in Physics, of the Polymer Science Master programme and also interested Ph.D. students.

An introductory meeting is planned for Thursday 21.4.2022, 12:15 in building 28 (Institute of Physics and Astronomy), Room 2.067.

Lecture materials and exercise sheets will be published at Moodle 2.UP. The enrolment key will be distributed by e-mail after registration in PULS. If you can not register in PULS (e.g. because you are a Polymer Science student), please send an e-mail to Frank Jaiser. Access to Moodle should be possible even if you are not enrolled to Uni Potsdam.

Direct link to the Moodle.UP course: