Physics of Organic Semiconductors

Sommersemester 2020 — Summer term 2020

Bachelor Physik Modul PHY_541a

Master Physik Modul PHY_741a

Master Lehramt Physik Modul PHY_731LAS

Polymer Science: 2nd year

Lecture: Dr. Frank Jaiser / Prof. Safa Shoaee

Thursday • 12:15-13:45 •

Exercises: Meysam Raoufi

Thursday • 9:00-9:45 •

Additional Information

Lecture materials and exercise sheets will be published at Moodle 2.UP. The enrollment key will be distributed by e-mail after registration in PULS. If you can not register in PULS (e.g. because you are a Polymer Science student), please send an e-mail to Frank Jaiser and apply for a Moodle.UP account.

Direct link to the Moodle.UP course: