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Macroeconomic Theory and Policy



Selected topics in the fields of economics of behaviour, macroeconomics, development economics and economics of art

appointments to be announced: usually Thursday 4.00-6.00 pm in room 3.06.S13) 

Suggestions for topics: 

You can sign up for your preferred topic  you want to work on in the seminar in winter term 2018/2019 by now. Therefore please write an email to fuhrmann@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de. 


1. field: 

E1 About the development of the current account of the FRG: causes and effects

E2 The consequences of the policy of low interest rates of the ECB for Germany

E3 About the development of the income per capita in selected african countries: causes and effects

E4 Country-studies in development, direct investments, migration in Ethiopia or Namibia or Sambia or the Republic of the Congo

E5 The geo-political fight about Africa: China, Russia, EU and FRG

E6 China – Greece – EU: About the "one belt one road" project

E7 Tourism as a driving force for development for central-asian states

E8 The instrument of economic reprisals of the USA in a historic context:  shapes and effects 

E9 Who wins and who looses as a cause of the climate change in the northern Arctic Sea?

E10 own submission


2. field: 

V1 About the economics of organ donation

V2 About the economics of religion

V3 About the economics of homo oeconomicus

V4 Artificial intelligence and the so called social networks: about the influence of preferences and behavior of private households

V5 About the economic and solcial meaning of trust

V6 own submission


3. field

K1 The sanctions of the federal states to minimize the built up scarcity of teachers: thought about structure, efficiency and costs.

K2 The economics importance of art and culture (creativity)

K3 Art und museums as places of laundering money 

K4 The German "cultural-property-law"K5 St. Petersburg (oder Moskau usw.) als Kunstmetropole 

K6 The development of the art market in Russia (or China)

K7 own submission

Oct. 23, 2018
"Maritime Seidenstraße" 
by Henri Schade

Jun 12, 2018
Zu Nordkorea
by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Fuhrmann

Neuordnung im Nahen Osten?
by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Fuhrmann

Zur EU-Weltpolitikfähigkeit
by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Fuhrmann

New Comment by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Fuhrmann.


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