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Macroeconomic Theory and Policy


New Comment by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Fuhrmann.



Bachelor Seminar

Education and human capital - development and migration

The seminar takes place by appointment on Thursday, 4.00-6.00 pm in room 3.06.S23.


Topics are allocated by now:

Section: Development and migration

(Ehc 1) The chinese theory of development by J.Y.Lin
New Structural Economics. A Framework for Rethinking Development and Policy; The World Bank, http//:siteresources.worldbank.org/DEC/Resources/84797-1104785060319/598886-1104951889260/NSE-Book.pdf   es gibt weitere, andere Publikationen 

(Ehc2) Ethiopia: forced migration, migration, foreign direct investments (FDI), development
country study about palm oil and rose plantations, corruption, etc.

(Ehc3) Congo: Escape and abundance of natural resources
country study destroyed political structures, worldwide industrial demand of resources, corruption and escape

(EM4) Microcredits – a developmental instrument to prevent escaping?

(EM5) About the chinese policy in Africa: Chinese investions in infrastructure, financial dependence and "cash-based" change, settlement patern and bases

(EM6) Africa: About the grwoth of population, development and escape

Section: Education and human capital

(BH1) The educational economic concept of human capital recognition

(BH2) The concept of social capital

More topics to be announced.


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