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NutriAct - Competence cluster in nutrition research in Berlin-Potsdam

NutriAct stands for "Nutritional Intervention: Food Patterns, Behavior, and Products".
The average age of the European population is rising steadily. We face social and regional problems both internationally and regionally, for which solutions must be found. The big goal of NutriAct is to do this in the nutrition sector. New knowledge and practical solutions in various disciplines are to be generated and combined. The basis for this is a network of newly formed cooperations that connects institutes and companies with a wide variety of orientations. Experimental, clinical and epidemiological nutrition research is brought together alongside to behavioral research with pharmacology and ultimately with food technology and food production. The partners from science and industry want to create a nutritional strategy for 50- to 70-year-olds, which is easy to accept and implement. This includes the development of tasty products with an age-appropriate nutrient composition.

The NutriAct logo is made up of an ear of corn, a pea pod and an olive branch, and represents the nutrients most commonly seen in the cluster - fiber, plant proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. "
Further information can be found on the homepage of NutriAct.