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Kirill Elin


2013 – present: I am currently a Ph.D. student exploring (under the supervision of Prof. Harald Clahsen) what impact aging has on morphological processing in native and non-native speakers.
2011 – 2013: Master student of the International Programme for Experimental and Clinical Linguistics (IECL) at the University of Potsdam. In my MA thesis (under the supervision of Prof. Harald Clahsen) I examined how native and non-native speakers process morphologically complex words in Russian (L1) and German (L2). In order to do this I used masked priming experimental paradigm.
2006 – 2010: I have studied general linguistics at the Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. During my bachelor studies I got interested in morphology and investigated processing of “regular” and “irregular” verbs in Russian.

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in morphology as well as native and non-native processing. In other words, I am trying to find out whether people who have mastered a second language in adulthood would be still processing morphologically complex words in essentially the same way they do in their mother tongue. In addition, aging and its influence on language processing are also of great interest for me.


Conference Presentations

Elin, K., Clahsen, H., Reifegerste, J. (2018). "Ageing, bilingualism and language processing. A study of morphological processing on older adults", Talk presented by Kirill Elin at The European Second Language Association (EuroSLA 28), Münster, 5-8 September

Elin, K., Clahsen, H., Reifegerste, J. (2018). "Persistent differences between native speakers and late bilinguals: Evidence from inflectional and derivational processing in older adults", Talk presented by Kirill Elin at the 2nd International Symposium on Bilingual and L2 Processing in Adults and Children  (ISBPAC2018), Braunschweig, 24-25 May