Sabia Costantini


Sabia Costantini


since 2021: Research assistant in DFG funded project: "Bilingual processing ability as a predictor for language learning"

Ph.D. student at Potsdam Institute for Multilingualism (PRIM) under supervision of Prof. Harald Clahsen

Doctoral Thesis' working title: "Inter-individual variability in bilingual language processing as a potential predictor for foreign language learning"


2019 - 2020: MSc in Language Sciences - Neuroscience of Language, University of Reading (UK).

Master's thesis: "Language Deterioration Patterns in Bilinguals with Alzheimer's Disease". 


2018 - 2019: MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics, University of Central Lancashire (UK)

Master's thesis: “Lexis and Syntax Acquisition Under Cross-Situational Learning Conditions: The Impact of Language Transfer on Artificial Language Acquisition”


2015 - 2018: BA (Hons) in English Literature and Russian, University of Central Lancashire (UK) 


Research Interests

My research interests gravitate around bilingual language processing in both neuro-typical and neuro-atypical populations. In particular, I am interested in cross-linguistic language changes  in bilingual individuals with Alzheimer's Disease. As a research assistant at PRIM, I explore (healthy) bilinguals' processing abilities of morphological violations. In my doctoral thesis, I seek to examine the extent to which bilingual individuals’ language processing profiles in their L1 and L2 can predict linguistic skills in a newly learnt language. My doctoral work mainly focuses on morphological violations processing. 



2020: Academic Achievement Award 2020 for the highest achieving MSc Language Sciences student of the year

2018: School Dissertation Prize 

Sabia Costantini