Eugen Benzel

Foto Eugen Benzel


of SC Potsdam‘s Women’s Team in the National Premier Volleyball League


What are you working as?

I am the team manager of SC Potsdam’s Women Team in the National Premier Volleyball League


How did you get into this profession?

During my studies, shortly before I worked on my bachelor thesis, I did an internship with the club.


What’s the difference between a manager and a head coach?

The team manager does not need any professional qualification in the sport of ‘volleyball’. Rather, s/he is responsible for the organization surrounding the team (hotels, time schedules, equipment, etc.) 


Making decisions or executing them – which competencies does a team manager need?

You need to be able to do both. Often, decisions need to be made quickly, for example with hotel offers or when faced with time constraints regarding the equipment. However, decisions made by the board of directors also need to be implemented. 


How could a (sports science) degree prepare someone for this job?

A sports science degree may be less useful, actually. The focus with my work is on the following three aspects: time management, good organisational skills, and understanding others.


Are there any fundamental licences/qualifications, which you need in order to work in your profession?

The Volleyball League requires a team manager licence. This, however, is possible to obtain through a workshop which the Volleyball League itself offers.


What were the last three things you did at work?

I handled visa applications and organised immigration to Germany for foreign players, I selected and ordered the new equipment for the new season, I organised practice matches and the ticket sale for the spectators, and I came up with a hygiene concept for the operation of our games. 


Do your work days differ? Are there any routines?

Every day is different. I generally split my day into three parts: 1. office, 2. dealing with or submitting documents to the office, 3. visiting the team in the arena


Do you generally work alone or in a team?

Mostly I work in a team. I work with two students who are part of an integrated degree program. For the home games I also have two additional teams, which I coordinate and lead.


Does your job allow you to be physically active yourself?

Oh definitely, all the time, if I have the energy and time.


What do you love about your job? What is particularly challenging for you?

The sport itself…. My personal challenge is to switch off. Every day I have new ideas or new things occur to me that have to be done. But if in the end the team is satisfied and you create a sold-out arena, then you have done your job.