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Anna Heyer-Stuffer

Porträt einer Frau in Farbe

Caucus Leader

of Alliance 90/The Greens in the Brandenburg Parliament

Photo: Franziska Petruschke / Alliance 90/The Greens


What did you study?

I am a fully qualified lawyer and I studied both law and European Integration Law as a postgraduate master program.


How did you get your job and how easy is it in general to get a full-time position in a political party?

The position was advertised in 2009 and I applied as normal. Caucus work and party work should formally be strictly separated from each other even if the content is the same. All positions in the parliamentary faction/group are advertised publicly.


What were the last three things you did at work?

  • Took part in a jour fixe with our subject specialists, and together with them I updated the overview of our parliamentary initiatives.
  • Drew up an employment contract.
  • Discussed IT rights management with the admin


What are some specific ways in which you influence politics?

By ensuring that the members of our group have the best possible framework for their work.


How satisfied are you with the implementation of your political ideas?

Being the opposition we draw attention to deficits and point out alternatives. We support approaches that give strength and direction to ecological, social, and economic change. We are making full use of our opportunities and are recognized as a constructive force in parliament.


Are you always up to date with the latest political developments? How do you keep up to date?

I would be in the wrong profession if that wasn’t the case. I keep up to date with the help of daily press releases, caucus meetings, committees, plenary sessions, professional exchange, conferences…


What is your biggest/most ambitious political vision?

Helmut Schmidt said: “Anyone who has visions should go to the doctor!”. I say: “Anyone who has visions should come to us!” For us it’s all or nothing.


What are the next steps you are planning in regards to your political career? Future goal being the German Chancellor?

I won’t tell.


What are the most important competencies you need to have for work in politics? What do you need to assert yourself in the field?

Show attitude, authenticity, credibility, perseverance, fighting spirit, and emotional intelligence. Not only the ability to reason rationally is required, but also people’s hearts have to be touched.


What challenges you in your job, what is particularly interesting?

The scope for creativity and the diversity of the work are exciting. No day is like the other.