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Train the Trainer
Photo: Ella Selina Fischer

Update:  The registration for the Train-the-Trainer  is closed. We are fully booked and can't wait to welcome everyone in Potsam.

Train-the-Trainer PEELx 2023 

We are inviting all our local and international partners to apply for the Train-the-Trainer workshop on the 3rd and 4th of August 2023. Our target group is staff of Startup Services and TTO´s around the world.

The two-day workshop aims to level up your skills as a coach and facilitator of Entrepreneurship Education formats. 

These are some of the highlights we will tackle:

  • How to smoothly slide into a coaching role
  • How to structure and conduct  a technology scouting interview
  • How to support idea providers within challenging team dynamics
  • How to give constructive feedback during business pitches

You will also get to know some of our favourite methods: Lego Serious Play, Collegial Consultation, Intervision and lots of fun energizers.

In the week following the Train-the-Trainer there is more to come:

  • Monday: You will have the opportunity to set up partnership meetings.
  • Tuesday - Friday: Bring your new skills to the playing field during our summer startup bootcamp PEELx.

Certificates for participants and Advanced Certificates for PEELx shadow coaches will be issued by Potsdam Transfer.

To sign up for our Train-the-Trainer program, please contact our Partnership Manager Alisa Fluhrer.

Please indicate in your email, if you are interested to take over the role of a shadow-coach during PEELx.

SAVE THE DATE: 2 - 11 of August for the staff mobility/business trip. This includes the Train-the-Trainer, a weekend in Potsdam/Berlin, Networking Monday and PEELx.

Financing your stay: Travel grants are available through Erasmus+ Staff MobilityPlease contact your university's Erasmus office or international office for concrete information on how to apply.