Start-up Story Streaming Night
Photo: Tilo Bergemann / Potsdam Transfer

Start-up Streaming Night #2 - Episode: Female Founders

In the second edition of the Start-up Streaming Night, we will focus on the highly topical subject of Fempreneurship. In Germany and Europe, the rate of female founders in start-ups is currently only about 15%. But what is the reason for this?

Together with you and our guests we want to get to the bottom of it. What problems and challenges are women entrepreneurs in Germany confronted with? What can we learn from success stories such as Amorelie? And what experiences have our guests themselves had in recent years?

Look forward to exciting perspectives and fascinating insights into the start-up scene!

Our guests in the digital studio:

Maxi Knust - Founder FEMPRENEUR
Rea Eldem - Founder in-visible & consultant for equal work
Nora Baum - Founder Pattarina (known from "Die Höhle der Löwen")
Erdinc Koc - Head of MediaTech Hub Accelerator Babelsberg

Moderation: Christian Marx & Clementine Bertheau

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When: September 30th at 7 pm
Where: Livestream (YouTube)
How: Go to our website or social media channels and follow the link to the stream.
Language: German
Registration: Not necessary

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