Workshops & Events

Potsdam Transfer regularly organizes workshops & events.

In our three-day intensive workshop Startrampe“ you can develop your startup together with experienced coaches and clarify business, tax and legal requirements. Would you like to get a first taste of the start-up scene? Then you are welcome to our Start-up Story Nights. „Thank God It´s Monday“ is an open pitch series where current and potential founders are given the opportunity to present their ideas and the current status quo to an expert jury.  Startups are as diverse as the people behind them. At the Potsdam startup „Speedmatching“, people interested in setting up a new business meet innovative startups.  The series Start-up Basicsoffers valuable information from experts covering the topic of setting up a new business in a series of 2.5 hours lectures.

Events 2021


17.2.2021    Mi    Startrampe
18.2.2021    Do    Startup Streamning Night
23.2.2021    Di     Start-up Basis "Verhandlungsmanagement"
26.2.2021    Fr     Pitch into the Business World "Maribor"


03.3.2021    Mi    Startrampe [ENG]
11.3.2021    Do    Start-up Basis "Design Thinking"
17.3.2021    Mi    Pitch Yourself mit dem Career Service [ENG]
24.3.2021    Mi    Startrampe


22.4.2021    Do    Startup Streamning Night


06 .5.2021     Do    Speedmatching
17.5.2021      Mo    PEELx im Ausland
19.5.2021      Mi     Startrampe


15 .6.2021      Di   Start-up Basis "Lego Serious Play"


01.7.2021      Do   Start-up Story Night "Outdoor"
14.7.2021      Mi    Startrampe


10.8.2021      Di    PEELx in Potsdam
15.8.2021      Mi    Startrampe


14.10.2021      Do    Start-up Basis
19.10.2021      Di     Let's Match
28.10.2021      Do    Startup Streamning Night


10.11.2021      Mi    Startrampe
18.11.2021      Do    Speedmatching
25.11.2021      Do    Start-up Basis


09.12.2021      Do     Startup Story/Streamning Night