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Patent and Licensing Service of the University of Potsdam

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Protecting your ideas with patents

The University of Potsdam is committed to helping you identify, evaluate and protect the economic potential of your research results. The patent service at Potsdam Transfer can provide you with expert advice.

In order to process such inventions, which, according to the Employee Inventions Act, have to be registered in a timely manner by employees of the university, a patent application must be filed. The Transfer Service of Potsdam Transfer is your first point of contact within the university. Together with the research team, we assess possible ways of exploiting the invention and identify ways to protect it.

Our services for you:

- Information about intellectual property rights of inventions
- Consultation and support from the first idea to the patent
- Exploitation of industrial property rights
- Potsdam Transfer handles the administrative processing of an application
- Organisation and implementation of information events on intellectual property rights issues

Your advantages in patenting:

- The University of Potsdam covers the costs of filing the patent application.
- Optimum protection of your research results
- Your negotiating position with companies will be strengthened, your reputation in the market will be enhanced.
- Enhanced value for scientific research
- Helpful in obtaining third-party funding, intellectual property rights are also addressed by funding bodies
- 30% inventor's share of gross income in the event of exploitation

A method for the early detection of colorectal cancer that has been exclusively licensed to a US diagnostics company. The use of specialised peptides in the diagnosis and therapy of influenza as the basis for a highly funded cross-institutional validation project. A device for the identification of microorganisms and the associated rapid determination of microbiological contaminants in drinking water, which was sold to a start-up company. These are all examples of the innovative work carried out at the University of Potsdam, which was well worthwhile for the scientists involved. The commercialisation of discoveries therefore has many faces!


In addition to patenting, we also consider other forms of intellectual property protection (such as trademark or design applications) and are also responsible for the qualified support of Material Transfer Agreements (MTA).


We are at your disposal for an initial consultation - please contact us!


"Patents are an important element of classical transfer, not only for licensing or sale to a company, but also as a basis for spin-offs".


Transfer Strategy Brandenburg - Report of the State Government, 15.09.2017

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Dr. Sascha Gohlke

Patent- und Licensing Service


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