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Business-related knowledge and technology transfer

In business-related technology transfer, the main focus is on tapping the existing innovation and exploitation potential at the university and making it available for commercial exploitation.

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Funding of training and coaching activities for start-ups in the state of Brandenburg

The aim of the start-up service is to raise awareness of entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour and to create a start-up-friendly environment at all locations of the University of Potsdam.

Die Innovationsräume im TIP-Golm

University of Potsdam (Inno-UP)

The Golm: University of Potsdam (Inno-UP) project aims to expand the University and Innovation Campus Golm with three new dimensions.

Third-party funded projects of the Transfer Service

Training, support, professionalisation to shape demographic change - QUP2

The aim of the Potsdam project is to train experts who will in the future be responsible for shaping demographic change in and with their organisations.

OER.UP - Open Educational Resources

Measures to raise awareness and to train disseminators

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Nutritional Intervention: Food Patterns, Behavior, and Products (NutriAct)

The average age of the European population is rising steadily. The project aims to solve related social problems. The starting point is the food sector.