Information on experts' letters, letters of recommendation and other documents

We will be pleased to support suitable students with experts' letter and letters of references. This includes experts' letters for scholarships and internships, as well as letters of references for Master degrees and doctoral studies in Germany and abroad.

Please contact at our chair Dr. Jana Paasch

Tips for your expert's letter request

Please note the following points when requesting an expert's letter or other documents at our chair:

  • Make sure, that the staff at our chair knows you well and can rate you adequately. Please consider if there might be another chair, that knows you even better.
  • Do you fit the conditions for the scholarship/internship, etc. you apply for (grades, etc.)? Please be aware, that we will only support students with experts' letters that fit the required conditions.
  • You must have completed at least one seminar at our chair (evidence of academic achievement; grade of at least: 1,7).
  • A personal conversation can increase the quality of your expert's letter significantly. You should therefore be able to tell us your motivation and your suitability.
  • Requests for experts' letters and similar documents will only be accepted if they have been handed in four weeks before the submission of your complete papers.

Together with the request for an experts' letter, please send an E-Mail at with the following documents:

  • Meaningful Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Recent Transcript of Records (can be found on PULS)
  • All papers that you have received by the institution you apply at
  • A letter of motivation (one page) in which you clearly mark the reason for your application and your suitability