Participation at courses

How can I register for a course?

How do I register for a course if I have not received information on my university account for PULS yet?

How will I receive the password for the Moodle course?

Which performance requirements will be set at our courses?

When and how does the chair offer consulation hours?

Deadlines and submitions

When is the deadline to register for a course via PULS?

What can I do if have not applied for an examination in time?

Am I able to withdraw from an examination that I have already registered for?

Until when do I have to submit my academic assignment?

What should I do if I cannot participate at an examination due to health reasons?

When are the grades for a course accessible via PULS?

Academic and qualificational assignments

What do I have to consider when preparing and writing my thesis?

How do I contact my potential supervisor?

When do I contact my potential supervisor

What can I prepare for my first contact

Which demands do I have to fulfil to write a thesis at the Chair for German Politics and Government?

What happens after I have submitted my assignment/thesis?

Will I receive feedback about my assignment/thesis?

How does the disputation of my Masters thesis proceed?

What happens in case of an attempted fraud?