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Important information for prospective PhD candidates

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Interested in a PhD? Here you will find some initial tips and advice about studying for a PhD at the University of Potsdam. We would also be happy to talk with you one-on-one.

Before the PhD

Before starting a PhD program, ask yourself: Is a PhD program right for me, and are the conditions right for my situation?
The following checklist can help you decide.

Checklist for prospective PhD candidates

  1. Why do I want a PhD?
  2. Can I imagine working on one topic for at least 3 years?
  3. Do I have adequate funding for the entire duration of the program?
  4. Do I have an advisor with whom I can imagine working for at least 3 years?
  5. Does my advisor have time to advise me and meet with me regularly?
  6. Do I have a place where I can complete my work and/or conduct experiments?
  7. Do I seek interaction on a regular basis? Which type of PhD is right for me?

First steps to the PhD

At the University of Potsdam, you can choose either a structured doctoral program or a more individually tailored program of study. Each department has its own program and admission requirements. The links below provide an overview of the necessary steps and people to contact on your way to the PhD.

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Contact person: Nadja Schubert

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