With Connect@PoGS we offer you a digital exchange forum for your lunch break.

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No matter whether you are at the beginning of your doctorate or already in the middle of a postdoc project, research brings with it many a challenge that does not stop even in Corona times. Together with your PhD candidates and postdoc representative, we bring you together with your peer group at Connect@PoGS. Here you can exchange ideas, questions and discuss your current topics. What solutions have you found? What support do you need? In addition to your peer group, PoGS is also looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

On December 6, 2021 our Connect@PoGS X-mas edition event took place with the theme Networking in the digital age via Zoom.

Event language: English

Elena und Martin Lichtenthaler
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Networking in the Digital Age

Growing your networks has never been easier than in pandemic times. Mentors, collaborators and potential employers are all just a click away. Are you curious how to best leverage these circumstances? Look no further. During this highly interactive event, you will learn how to make a professional impression online, conduct informational interviews and proactively advance your career.


Elena and Martin Lichtenthaler
Elena and Martin are seasoned improvisers and applied improvisation consultants. They teach transferable skills through improvisational techniques and exercises based on experiential learning, engaging each participant to recognize their individual capabilities. Elena and Martin worked with organizations, such as the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, the Falling Walls Lab New York and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. They are the co-founders of Mighty Real.


Elena und Martin Lichtenthaler
Photo: Lichtenthaler

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