International Teaching Professionals

Fit for Teaching

Target group: International and German PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers
Language: English
Duration of the program: 12 month

The new application round for the 2023/2024 round is expected to start in May 2023.

Program overview

You want to gain teaching experience and improve your didactic skills? You are uncertain about the local teaching culture? Your students seem uninterested? You would like to improve your career opportunities by earning a certificate?

Then join the International Teaching Professionals program!

The annual certificate program includes:

  • Didactic training by experts in academic teaching practice (8 workshops in English)
  • Practical teaching project at the University of Potsdam
  • Mentoring by an experienced university teacher
  • Networking: Mutual teaching observations and exchange in the Forum ProTeaching

Program goals

  • Confident and self-assured appearance in class
  • Gain new ideas and motivation for teaching
  • Dealing with stress and improving the teaching atmosphere
  • Reduction of workload through targeted e-learning 
  • Reflection of your teaching project with experienced teachers and colleagues
  • Interdisciplinary exchange with other ITP participants
  • Constructive feedback on problems from colleagues, mentors and trainers
  • Dealing with critical students

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate for your future applications.

Testimonial: Dr. Sara Savi, ITP participant 2014-15

"I am glad that such courses are offered, and I will strongly encourage everybody to participate in it. [...] The concepts learned during this course will be very precious for my life [...]."

Testimonial: PhD candidate Camilo Germán Alberto Pérez Chaparro, ITP participant 2016-17

"Thanks to the ITP program I am now capable to create courses and teach at a higher education level."

Conditions of participation & Additional information

Program Costs

Please note that the program costs are based on three membership groups:

  •     University of Potsdam
  •     Partner institution
  •     External applicant

The participation fee depends on your affiliation. For further information please check the current announcement.

Dr. Robin Möser

Contact person: Dr. Robin Möser


Potsdam Graduate School
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Am Kanal 47
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