Science meets Market (EPE)

Entrepreneurial Postgraduate Education

The "Science meets Market" (EPE) programme will be launched with a new series from October 2020. Further information on the programme's schedule and content will follow shortly.

Expand your management skills to gain a valuable advantage for your career. During your doctoral or postdoc phase, prepare yourself for the requirements of the economy and the job market. Learn the basics of business management or start-up your own business.

Content of the program

The modular course structure focuses on business-oriented thinking and acting as well as management-relevant key competences.
In the training program, the development of practical expertise is the main focus and during the workshops. You can develop practice-relevant knowledge with the aid of experienced experts, and work on exemplary project or business ideas in interdisciplinary teams.
You can complete the program with a certificate.

Target groups

The program is aimed at scientists who want to acquire entrepreneurial skills. PhD candidates and Postdocs of the University of Potsdam as well as Postdocs of non-university partner institutions can register for the program.

Portrait of Bettina Bluhm

Contact person: Bettina Bluhm

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