Science meets Market

Entrepreneurial Postgraduate Education

Strengthening entrepreneurial skills

Target group: PhD candidates and Postdoctoral researchers, Masters students interested in doctoral studies and founding a company
Language: German
Duration of the program: 9 month

Next call for proposals will be in June 2021.

Program overview

Are you curious about entrepreneurship?

Are you ready for innovation and open to entrepreneurial thinking? Then an excursion into the world of academic entrepreneurs could be a valuable addition to your knowledge! "Science meets Market" provides impulses for entrepreneurial career paths outside of traditional research. You will be sensitized to innovative business models, train central management skills, establish contacts with entrepreneurs and get to know your own founding personality. Presentation techniques, marketing and negotiation management also play an important role. You will find out why the human being is so important for the company's success and how you can gain financial resources for your goals. At the end of the program you will know exactly where you are and maybe you will soon become a scientific entrepreneur!

The nine-month program consists of a kick-off event, 8 modules with a duration of one to two days, a half-time reflection and an elevator pitch event (15 dates in total). Participation in the kick-off event is optional, but highly recommended.

We would especially like to thank our cooperation partners for the very good cooperation and support within the EPE program:

Program objectives

  • Knowledge transfer in business start-up and management
  • Examine the possibility of transferring research to the economy, society or industry
  • Development of business ideas and business plans
  • Understand processes to build and maintain good teams
  • Activate successful negotiation
  • Use convincing communication and presentation techniques
  • testing creativity techniques
  • Insights into best practice examples, current trends and topics of the start-up community
  • Networking of founding stakeholders with founders and partner organizations

Conditions of participation & Additional information

The program is aimed at Phd candidates and postdocs of all scientific disciplines.

This year, the Potsdam Graduate School would like to offer ambitious master's students who are interested in doctoral studies and start-ups the opportunity to apply for Science meets Market. If you are interested, please contact the program coordinator directly.

Please note your status as one of the following:

  • University of Potsdam
  • Partner institutions
  • External

The participation fee depends on your status. For further information please refer to the current announcement.

As the modules are built together, participation is required for the entire period of 9 months. Participants in the kick-off event automatically enter the program line. At the same time, it is possible to start training directly with Module 1, on condition there are still enough vacancies in the program.


Free childcare available during participation in program workshops. Please contact us if necessary.


Please submit the following application documents during the tendering period:

  • Online registration
  • Tabular CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • pre-entry confirmation
  • if necessary, declaration of consent from your supervisor

Detailed information can be found in the current announcement from 01.06.2020.

After successful completion of the program you will receive a certificate.

Portrait of Bettina Bluhm

Contact person: Bettina Bluhm

Potsdam Graduate School


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