Research Meets Market

Conduct research

Strengthen entrepreneurial skills in academia

Target group: PhD students, postdocs, junior professors, Master’s students with an interest in doctoral studies and company start-ups
Language: German
Duration of the program: 6 months

The new announcement for the 2022/23 round is now online. Applications will be accepted until 30 September 2022.

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Program Overview

Are you open to thinking entrepreneurially in academia? Can academia and entrepreneurship fit together at all? The praxis-oriented continuing education program Research Meets Market offers you the chance to understand the foundations of entrepreneurship and co-shape society from an academic perspective by developing your own project. The program aims to inspire entrepreneurial thinking beyond classic academic research. You will be sensitized to developing business models, try out practical business administration tools and train future skills like solution-oriented thinking, flexible work and the ability to transform. Innovation methods and creative techniques play an important role in the program. You will also learn exactly why interpersonal skills are so important for successful completion of a project and how you can obtain the financial resources necessary to carry out your plan. At the end of the program you will know exactly where you stand and perhaps even become an academic entrepreneur very soon!

Cooperation Partners

In the continuing education program Research Meets Market, we will cooperate with different institutional partners in and around the University of Potsdam – including Potsdam Transfer, Partnerkreis Industrie und Wirtschaft, the Career Service and Potsdam Science Park.

Pflanze in einer Vase in Glühbirnenform
Photo: pexels

Program Goals

  • Promote the further development of future-oriented skills
  • Translate academia to the economy and civil society
  • Develop practical business ideas in interdisciplinary teams
  • Try out entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting
  • Network with people interested in start-ups and UP cooperation partners

Quotes from people who have completed the program

“The program helped me move forward a lot. I’ve got two and a half business ideas in my pocket and know which steps I need to take to make them work.”

Quotes from people who have completed the program

“I’ve come out with a wealth of experience and am glad it was more than just another workshop; it really was a time of constant development […].“

Article in Portal Eins, 2021

Here you can read an article about the Science meets Market program – the predecessor to Research Meets Market.

Conditions of participation & more information

The program is geared toward PhD students and postdocs in all fields. It is intended for academics with no previous knowledge of entrepreneurial topics. You do not need to bring your own business idea. If you have an idea, you can test it in the workshop for challenges, opportunities and feasibility.

The Potsdam Graduate School would like to offer particularly ambitious Master’s students who are interested in doctoral studies and start-ups the chance to apply for Research Meets Market. Please contact the program coordinator directly for more information.

The prerequisite for participation by PhD students and postdocs at the University of Potsdam is membership in the Potsdam Graduate School.

Please note that applicants will be classified as belonging to one of the following groups:

  • University of Potsdam
  • Partner institutions
  • External applicants

The amount of the co-pay or participation fee is determined by your status in one of these groups. More information can be found in the current announcement. Free childcare can be arranged for the duration of the workshop as needed. Please talk to us.


Please submit the following documents before the application deadline:

  • Online registration
  • Curriculum vitae in list form
  • Letter of motivation
  • Pre-participation confirmation

Detailed information can be found in the current announcement.

You will receive a certificate following successful completion of the program.

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Contact person: Bettina Bluhm

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