Research Meets Market

Entrepreneurial Postgraduate Education

Strengthening entrepreneurial skills

Target group: PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers, Master´s students interested in doctoral studies and founding a company
Language: German
Duration of the program: 9 months

The next call for proposals for the programme is expected to take place in summer 2022.
The next programme start is planned for autumn 2022.

Program overview

In times when everyone is talking about innovation and entrepreneurship, interested researchers should have the possibility to engage with these subjects from the point of view outside of traditional research. You will scrutinize innovative business models, train crucial management Skills, get in contact with entrepreneurs and work out your own founding personality. Moreover, marketing, presentation and negotiation Skills also play an important part in the program. Special emphasis is put on human beings who are central to a company’s success; and the topic funding is looked at in detail. At the end of the program, participants should be aware of where they are and be able to make their first or next steps towards becoming scientific entrepreneurs!

Program Moduls Science meets Market
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Program Modules

The nine-month program consists of 15 presence days in total: It includes a kick-off event, 8 modules with a duration of one to two days, a half-time reflection and an elevator pitch event.

8 workshop modules
Module 1 - Introduction to entrepreneurship
Module 2 - Creative tools
Module 3 - Leadership and team development
Module 4 - Marketing
Module 5 - Legal basics
Module 6 - Negotiate successfully
Module 7 - Business Plan and financing
Module 8 - Elevator Pitch Training

Complementary events
Kick-off Event - Half-time reflection - Elevator Pitch Event

Networking with program partners
Potsdam Transfer, Gründungsservice, Media Tech Hub Accelerator, Standortmanagement Golm, Science Park

Our longstanding cooperation partners support the program:

Program Moduls Science meets Market
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Program objectives

  • Transferring research: The case of economy, industry and society
  • Knowledge transfer in start-ups
  • Developing business ideas
  • Insights into marketing, financing and legal basics
  • Leadership and team development
  • Communication and presentation Skills
  • Creativity, trying out tools for generating ideas
  • best practice examples, current trends and topics in the start-up community
  • Networking: Founders, stakeholders and other partners

Conditions of participation & Additional information details

The program has been designed for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines.

This year, the Potsdam Graduate School would like to offer ambitious master's students who are interested in doctoral studies and start-ups the opportunity to apply for Science meets Market. If you are interested, please contact the program coordinator directly.

Please note that:

  • members of the University of Potsdam,
  • members of partner institutions of the University of Potsdam as well as
  • external participants are all eligible for applying to the program.

However, the participation fee varies depending on your affiliation.

In order to complete the program, participation in all program components is required, i.e. modules, half-time reflection and elevator pitch events. Upon completion of all compulsory program components, participants receive the official EPE certificate.


At the same time:

Free childcare available during participation in program workshops. Please contact us if necessary.

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Contact person: Bettina Bluhm

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