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Data Science & KI

Basics for your own research

Traget group: PhD candidates and postdocs, qualifying professors
Language: German (English self-study units)
Duration of the program: 6 month (June 1 to November 30, 2023)

The application period for the 2023 round is closed.

Python code in different colors against a black background. In front, a schematic representation of Deep Learning neurons in the form of five vertical rows of circles. Each circle of a row has one or more connecting lines to circles of the respective adjacent row.
Picture: AdobeStock | PoGS

Program Overview

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable the study of large numbers of research subjects and new ways of pattern recognition. Big Data analytics and learning AI are now being used across disciplines.

PoGS' newly developed 6-month certificate program Data Science & AI combines AI fundamentals with hands-on work on big data and computational machine learning programming in Python. It consists of 14 synchronous workshop days, asynchronous self-study units, and lectures by experts on different application fields, law, ethics, and research data management. Gain a foundation for your own research with AI (or on AI), teaching, and the non-academic job market!

Program goals

  • Knowledge of the different types of AI (Symbolic AI, Connectivitic AI) and their use cases (e.g. Generative AI).
  • Understanding of basic concepts, mechanisms and algorithms (search and agent, knowledge representation, propositional logic, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning).
  • Fundamentals of object-oriented and procedural programming in Python for data cleaning, processing, and visualization.
  • Comprehensible programming of Machine Learning
  • Understanding of legal, ethical, and managerial challenges in using it for research, as well as knowledge and application of established solutions

Conditions of participation & additional information

The program is aimed at scientists of all disciplines in the qualification phase (PhD candidates, postdocs, qualifying professors = junior professorships and tenure track positions) who want to get started in Data Science and AI in order to lay the foundations for their own research. Particularly suitable are participants who have basic knowledge in at least descriptive statistics and can invest time resources of 40-50 hours per month.

Participants of the University of Potsdam must be members of the Potsdam Graduate School. Free membership can be applied for at any time here.

Program costs are differentiated according to membership in one of the following groups:

Who?PhD candidatesPostdocs
University of Potsdam (UP)            200 €     300 €
Postdoc Network Brandenburg              /     300 €
from partner institutions of the PoGS         2500 €  2500 €
external participants
(neither UP nor partner)
         3000 €  3000 €

During the workshops, free childcare can be organized in Potsdam. Please contact us in case of need.

Porträt Dr. Stefan Lindow

Contact person: Dr. Stefan Lindow

Potsdam Graduate School


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