Basic Module

Management Skills for Research and University

Traget group: Postdoctoral researchers
Language: English
Duration of the program: 3 month

The application deadline has expired. The next call for applications is expected in autumn 2022.

Program overview

The Basic Module “Management Skills for Research and University” equips postdocs and junior professors with fundamental and science-relevant methods and instruments of management. It includes four topics (workshops) in which participants strengthen their leadership, communication and project management skills. In addition, the topic funding is included as its own workshop. The program’s main idea is to go beyond general management principles by considering the nature of academic research, comprehensively bridging the gap between management skills on the one hand and research projects on the other hand.

Program goals

  • Learning the basics of efficient projectmanagement
  • Training how successfully raise third-party funding
  • Strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Strengthen leadership and team skills

Conditions of participation & Additional information

The program is aimed at postdocs of all scientific disciplines. Please note your status as one of the following:

  • University of Potsdam
  • Partner institutions
  • External

The participation fee depends on your status. For further information please refer to the current announcement.

Free childcare available during participation in program workshops.


Please submit the following application documents during the application period:

  • Tabular resume
  • Letter of motivation
  • Affiliation to faculty, institute, department and chair. Members of non-university (partner) institutes or external institution: please add the institution
  • Short description of your research project (max 0.5 pages)
  • Preliminary confirmation of participation
  • Coverage of costs

For detailed information, please refer to the call for proposals.

Portrait of Nadja Schubert

Contact person: Nadja Schubert

Potsdam Graduate School


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14467 Potsdam