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PoGS PhD candidate representatives 2018

On 13 June 2019, the PoGS members elected the current PhD candidate representatives at the general assembly. PhD candidate representatives are elected for one year. The candidates for the upcoming term Brit-Maren Schjeide and Helga Behrmann were confirmed in office. The doctoral candidate representation is elected for one year.

Brit-Maren Schjeide, PhD candidate representative

University of Potsdam
Institute of Nutritional Science
Biochemistry of Nutrition

Contact languages: German, English

Why am I involved as a PoGS PhD candidate representative?

I am Brit, a PhD candidate in the Department of Biochemistry of Nutrition at the Institute of Nutritional Science. I started my PhD a year ago with the aim of developing a test to measure the toxicity of the botulinum toxin using stem cells. When I started my doctorate, all the other doctoral students in my laboratory immediately raved about the Potsdam Graduate School: the workshops and seminars, the opportunities to network with new and interesting people in a multidisciplinary setting, and how helpful the Potsdam Graduate School was during their entire doctoral period.
Since then, I have had the chance to become active in the PoGS as a representative for doctoral students and also as a participant. I was very pleased to take part in the doctoral coaching and the Science Club and to get to know so many fellow PhD students! I am accessible and I like to discuss ideas, problems and possible solutions. I look forward to continuing my work with the Potsdam Graduate School and would also be happy to continue my time here as your PhD candidate spokesperson!

Helga Behrmann, PhD candidate representative

University of Potsdam
Institute for Media and Arts, Cultural Studies

Contact language: German

Why am I involved as a PoGS PhD candidate representative?

We start tomorrow. Where do I start, what do I need, and for how long? Who will come with me, what are the stops in-between and where is the journey going?
A lot of questions I want to ask myself. The Potsdam Graduate School offers orientation, assisstance and the appropriate support at each stage in the form of workshops, conferences, publications and coaching sessions. I have already benefited from the extensive program tailored to the various concerns and needs arising in the different phases of the doctorate, through several workshops and coaching sessions. In my success team coming from the most diverse disciplines, I have found companions of inestimable value with whom I can implement the methodological approaches learned from coaching.
The virtual dress, my research topic, has already taken me from the South of Germany to Potsdam, where I am investigating the change in the meaning of clothing through the shift from materiality to virtuality.
Your concerns, desires and experiences are the starting point for the PoGS program. The exchange enriches the way forward, for oneself and others.