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Coordinators and Student assistants

Currently we are employing approx. 30 students and research assistants who are supporting us with all their energy!

In total, more than 120 student assistants have already helped us with the collection and evaluation of the data. More than 20 of them have written their Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertations within the framework of the PIER-Project

NameTitleArea of ResponsibilityPeriod of Time
Stutz, FranziskaDr.Coordinator & research scientist- since 10/2014 -
Cario, Annemarie  Officesince 07/2015 -
Michels, DeniseOffice- since 10/2015 -
Busching, RobertDr.Data setsince 10/2015 -
Sahyazici-Knaak, FidanDr.Data set- since 05/2016 -
Felber, JulianeDr.Coordinator & research scientist- until 12/2015 -
Bondü, RebeccaDr.Coordinator & research scientist until 09/2015 -
Tetzner, JuliaDr.PostDoc- until 09/2015 -
Grümer, SebastianDr.PostDocuntil 05/2013 -
Maurer, SarahOffice & Website- until 06/2015 -