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Short profile of the older children and adolescents

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Many of the children and adolescents of the first group already participate in the PIER-Project since kindergarten. Since then a lot has happened in their life and development. They have started school, have learned to study in a classroom setting, have mastered the transition to secondary school, or have even mastered the entry into professional life.

Thank you,

"we are delighted that we could find so many children and young people and so many families who are participating for the fourth or fifth time!"

In the PIER-Project we can now continue to accompany their lives. This is a unique opportunity both for the families and for us scientists. The families can learn about the academic and social development of their child and thus assess his/her strengths and weaknesses better. From a scientific point of view, studies that allow a long-term monitoring are rare. At the same time, they are particularly important because only studies such as this one give insights into the development of people and the long-term effects of risk and protective factors. 

How do we conduct the surveys with the older children and adolescents? 

In the past few years the older children and adolescents were examined individually for about 1.5 to 2 hours each. Usually the tests were conducted in the schools during school hours. In certain cases we agreed to individual meetings at home or on the premises of the University of Potsdam. As a thank you for participating in our study, the older children and adolescents received a cinema voucher at the end of the survey.

In the new survey wave (2016), the implementation is somewhat different. In the first step, the participants fill in a questionnaire at home and send it back to us using the 

self-addressed envelope. In this questionnaire the participants are asked questions about their feelings and opinions as well as their usual behaviors and interests. The young people and adults can respond freely or choose from different response option, depending on the interview/ questionnaire. As a thank you for participating they receive a 10 € “Best Choice” voucher (redeemable at Amazon, Zalando and over 200 other suppliers).

In addition, we arrange an appointment for an approximately 30-minute individual interview with the participant. In order to measure their skills and abilities, specific problems (e.g. reading, arithmetic, or concentration tasks) have to be solved by the young people and adults. For this single session, participants receive a second € 10 “Best Choice” Voucher.

Thank you,

"we are delighted that we could find so many children and young people and so many families who are participating for the fourth or fifth time!"

You have previously participated in our study, but we could not reach you, for example, because you have moved? Or do you know such a person? Please contact us! We are pleased about every single participant!

Feel free to contact us!

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