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Vanderbijlpark/Pretoria, May 4th, 2015, Day 10

Picture: Diana Banmann

Picture: Diana Banmann

On our last day off before we go back to the university tomorrow, we are making a trip to the capital of South Africa, Pretoria. Quite contrary to our expectations, we like the city very much and we take many photos. Particularly impressive is the towering statue of Nelson Mandela. 

After sunbathing in the gardens of the Union Building, we pass different embassies, villas and the private golf course of the President and the prison where Oscar Pistorius has been detained. On the way back we visit the Lion Park, our driver takes us through the spacious enclosure and we have a close look on the lions. Furthermore, we can feed giraffes and ostriches and even pet small lion cubs. The oldest of the three lions falls for one of the students and acquires a taste of her left hip. After a fright and tussle later, its become an interesting anecdote. She survived the battle with the lion along with a great story. 

Continuing on, we were able to examine zebra's, wildebeest, an assortment of birds and meerkats at close range. The memory of our cameras is now exhausted and strengthened with a snack we return to Vanderbijlpark.


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