Melinda A. Mende

Melinda A. Mende
Photo: Tobias Jeglinski

Melinda A. Mende is a doctoral candidate in the Potsdam Embodied Cognition Group (PECoG). She holds a Bachelors degree inLinguistics from the University of Constance and received her Masters degreefrom the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University, Berlin.

Her research interests contain a wide spectrum within the cognitive sciences and neuroscience. In particular, she is interested in numerical cognition with a focus on cognition of negative integers and in social neuroscience. She is experienced in the scientific methods EEG, ECG, GSR/skin conductance and cortical stimulation with TMS, TdCS and TaCS.


In her doctoral project with the title Grounding Negation - Studies on Linguistic Negation and Arithmetic Substraction she investigates the underlying mechanisms of numerical cognition. Her work aims to inform the general understanding of number processing as well as the processing of abstract concepts - such as negativity - from the perspective of embodiment.


E-Mail: mamendeuni-potsdamde

Research Gate:

Telephone: +49 151 275 352 52





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Melinda A. Mende
Photo: Tobias Jeglinski