Arianna Felisatti

I am Arianna Felisatti, a PhD student in the Potsdam Embodied Cognition Group (PECoG).

I received the Bachelor degree in Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology (2014) and the Master degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (2017) from the University of Padua, Italy.

My main topic is numerical cognition and in particular the investigation of the Spatial Numerical Associations (SNAs) from a “grounded”, “embodied” and “situated” point of view.

My previous projects explored:

-        the rule of spatial attention in mental arithmetic through eye-tracking studies;

-        the influence of posture and ambient noise on SNARC effect detection, by comparing neuroimaging studies;

-        the semantic interaction between finger counting and numerical processing by using the LEAP motion device.

My current project aims to deepen knowledge about the rule of heuristics and biases in mental arithmetic.


Contact e-mail: ariannafelisattiuni-potsdamde

Office room: 14.6.23