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Alexej Michirev

Alexej Michirev is a doctoral candidate in cooperation with our research group. He studied psychology and neuroscience (BSc), psychology (MSc) and human decision sciences (MSc) at the University of Maastricht. Since January 2020, he is doing his PhD at the Institute of Psychology, Dept. of Performance Psychology, at the German Sport University Cologne. His PhD topic is the embodiment of numerical cognition investigating the relationship between space, magnitudes, and force. To explain these relationships, Alexej uses grip force sensors.






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Conferences and invited talks

Michirev, A., Kühne, K., Lindemann, O., Fischer, M. H. & Raab, M. (2023). Automatic activation of grip force magnitude during number magnitude processing. [Conference presentation]. 65th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (Teap 2023), Trier, Germany

Michirev, A., Musculus, L. & Raab, M. (2022). Theoretical Position on Embodied Bounded Rationality: The Body Is an Informant for Choices. [Conference presentation]. 52nd Congress of the German Psychological Society (DGPS 2022), Hildesheim, Germany.

Poster presentations

Michirev, A., Raab, M., Fischer, M. H., Kühne, K. & Lindemann, O. (2022). The Connection of Force and Number Magnitude is Measured in the Hand. [Conference presentation]. 64th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP 2023), Cologne, Germany