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Dezember 2016: Workshop "Expanding Perspectives through Collaborative Online International Learning"

November 2015: Workshop „Internationalization through e-Learning?“

(Guest) Lectures Impressions

Completed seminars



In November 2015 OIL.UP organized its first own workshop „Internationalization through e-Learning?“ to strengthen the partnership with Kansai University in Osaka, Japan. The exchange of gained experiences and knowledges while working in projects of internationalization was one of the main purposes for the Workshop. Both universities are members of the COIL Global Partner Network

(Guest) Lectures Impressions

14.04.2016: Lecture by Prof. Dr. Theresa Wobbe: ”Categorization and making sense of the social: How sexual classification works in labour, law, and politics”, Uni Potsdam.

21.04.2016: Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. Per Wisselgren, Umea University, Sweden: ”Gender and the Practical Making of Social Science in Sweden, 1880s-1930s”.

Completed seminars

WiSe 2015/16

Online cooperation: Contextualizing Gender and Social Change.

SoSe 2015

Online cooperation with Suny Delhi State University of New York: Organizational and Institutional Change. (https://organizationalandinstitutionalchange.wordpress.com/

WiSe 2014/15

Online cooperation with Suny Delhi State University of New York: Changing Welfare, Changing States? Comparative Social Policies revisited by Gender. (http://www.newsactivist.com/)