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Jan Ries

Foto of Jan Ries

Jan Ries

Lab manager


Campus Golm
Building 14, Room 2.10

Department Linguistics
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam

Research Interests

  • Programming and operationalization of computer-based experiments, including psychophysiological and neuroscientific methods
  • Preparation, aggregation, und processing of large data sets for further statistical analysis
  • Development of software tools for data processing and visualisation
  • Creation of sounds, images, graphics, and videos for the use in studies or publications
  • Technical administration of patient database PaDaBa


Bos, L.S., Wartenburger, I., Ries, J., Bastiaanse, R. (2014). The neural correlates of reference to the past. Front. Psychol. Conference Abstract: Academy of Aphasia – 52nd Annual Meeting. 

Milfont, T.L., Evans, L., Sibley, C.G., Ries, J., Cunningham, A. (2014) Proximity to Coast Is Linked to Climate Change Belief. PLoS ONE, 9(7): e103180.

Bornemann, B., Foth, M., Horn, J., Ries, J., Warmuth, E., Wartenburger, I., van der Meer, E. (2010) Mathematical cognition: individual differences in resource allocation ZDM, 42(6): 555-567.

Van Der Meer, E., Beyer, R., Horn, J., Foth, M., Bornemann, B., Ries, J., Kramer, J., Warmuth, E., Heekeren, H. R. and Wartenburger, I. (2010) Resource allocation and fluid intelligence: Insights from pupillometry. Psychophysiology, 47(1): 158–169.