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Sebastian von Specht (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Likelihood-based Optimization in Strong-motion Seismology (Project: I3)
  • submitted on 22 May 2019

Irene Crisologo (associated)

  • Thesis:
  • submitted in April 2019

Georg Veh (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Changing risks from glacial lake outburst floods (Project: I4)
  • defended on 12 August 2019

Jonas Laudan (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Changing Susceptibility of Flood-prone Residents in Germany - Mental Coping and Mitigation Behaviour in the Context of Different Flood Types (Project: Q3)
  • defended on 13 August 2019

Bernhard Fiedler (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Change-point detection for seismicity parameter (Project: I2)
  • defended on 10 July 2019

Dr. Iulii Didovetz (associated)

Dr. Viktor Rözer (associated)

  • Thesis "Pluvial flood loss to private households"
  • defended on 9 May 2019

Dr. Dadiyorto Wendi (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Regional flood hazard changes from a space-time recurrence perspective (Project: Q1)
  • defended on 5 April 2019

Dr. Tobias Sieg (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Reliability of flood damage estimates across spatial scales (Project: Q4)
  • defended on 22 February 2019 

Dr. Ugur Öztürk (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Learning more to predict landslides (Project: P1)
  • defended on 21 February 2019

Dr. Ankit Agarwal (first cohort)

  • Thesis: Unravelling spatio-temporal climatic patterns via multi-scale complex network (Project: Q2)
  • defended on 29 January 2019

Dr. Amelie Stolle (associated)