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PostDoc-Project by Dr. Kristin Vogel, University of Potsdam

Timescale: Oct.2015 – Sept.2018

Within NatRiskChange, this position aims at providing a robust statistical umbrella for the single PhD-projects with respect to the risk analysis. The main innovation lies in the non-stationary (transient) approach to the respective hazard and risk, as compared to the classical, stationary one. Using established techniques of statistical null hypothesis testing, the project will formulate and conduct corresponding tests for several of the PhD-projects of NatRiskChange, and assess the added value of using a non-stationary approach. Kristin Vogel liaises with selected PhD-projects, contributes to support and advise the PhD-candidates on particular issues of their research, particularly those that go beyond the advisors’ obligations.

Her project “Stationarity versus non-stationarity and the effect on respective probabilities” is planned to take a leading role concerning the methodological comparison and integration of the different results from the PhD-projects of NatRiskChange. Kristin Vogel is based at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences at University of Potsdam.