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EGU21-8396: The Influence of Input Data on Flood Risk Estimates by Tobias Sieg and Annegret Thieken Mon, 26 April 2021, 13:39; text chat will run from Monday, 26 April 2021, 14:02-15:00 CEST

EGU21-9575: Suspended sediment and discharge dynamics across multiple spatial and temporal scales in a glaciated alpine environment: the case of the upper Ötztal, Austria by LENA KATHARINA SCHMIDT, Till Francke, Theresa Blume, Johannes Schöber, Daniel Pfurtscheller, Stefan Achleitner, and Axel Bronstert Tue, 27 Apr, 11:06–11:08

EGU21-13034: Process-based flood risk assessment for Germany by Nivedita Sairam, Fabio Brill, Tobias Sieg, Patric Kellermann, Kai Schröter, Viet Dung Nguyen, Bruno Merz, Stefan Lüdtke, Mostafa Farrag, Sergiy Vorogushyn, and Heidi Kreibich, Wed, 28 Apr, 09:21–09:23

EGU21-15524: Identifying meteorological drivers of extreme impacts: an application to simulated crop yields by Jakob Zscheischler, JOHANNES VOGEL, Pauline Rivoire, Cristina Deidda, Leila Rahimi, Christoph Sauter, Elisabeth Tschumi, Karin van der Wiel, and Tianyi Zhang, Wed, 28 Apr, 11:10–11:12

EGU21-6483: Multi-source flood mapping for rapid impact assessment by Kai Schröter, Max Steinhausen, Fabio Brill, Stefan Lüdtke, Daniel Eggert, Bruno Merz, and Heidi Kreibich, Wed, 28 Apr, 11:28–11:30

EGU21-10064: Augmenting a Sociohydrological Flood Risk Model for Companies with Process-oriented Loss Estimation by LUKAS SCHOPPA, Marlies Barendrecht, Tobias Sieg, Nivedita Sairam, and Heidi Kreibich, Wed, 28 Apr, 13:42–13:44

EGU21-14831: Recurrence based coupling analysis between event-like data and continuous data by ABHIRUP BANERJEE, Bedartha Goswami, Norbert Marwan, Bruno Merz, and Juergen Kurths, Wed, 28 Apr, 13:55–13:57

EGU21-12812: Investigation of the pre-eruptive processes of the 2014/15 Holuhraun eruption based on extracted volcanic tremor signals by Zahra Zali, Eva Eibl, Matthias Ohrnberger, and Frank Scherbaum,  Wed, 28 Apr, 13:58–14:00

EGU21-11141 : Towards pluvial flooding hazard assessment in an urban environment by Omar Seleem, Maik Heistermann, and Axel Bronstert, Wed, 28 Apr, 16:03–16:05

EGU21-6149: Vertical multi-frequency FDEM loop-loop soundings for sub-surface conductivity imaging: comparison of HCP and PERP configurations for different environments  by Julien Guillemoteau, Mauricio Arboleda Zapata, François-Xavier Simon, Guillaume Hulin, Laurent Deschodt, and Jens Tronicke, Thu, 29 Apr, 11:07–11:09

EGU21-5265: Connectivity of floodplains in Germany – which floodplain extent is relevant? by Stephanie Natho, Thu, 29 Apr, 11:21–11:23

EGU21-5172| Highlight: Is Coulomb Stress the Best Choice for Aftershock Forecasting? by SHUBHAM SHARMA, Sebastian Hainzl, Gert Zöller, and Matthias Holschneider, Thu, 29 Apr, 13:30–13:35

EGU21-7562: An Extended Model in Estimating Consistent Quantiles for Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves by Felix Fauer, JANA ULRICH, Oscar E. Jurado, Uwe Ulbrich, and Henning W. Rust, Thu, 29 Apr, 13:41–13:43

EGU21-5157: Testing physics and statics based hybrid ETAS models by SHUBHAM SHARMA, Shyam Nandan, and Sebastian Hainzl, Thu, 29 Apr, 13:49–13:51

EGU21-13600: Identifying different types of individual flood precautionary behaviour from panel data by LISA BERGHÄUSER, Philip Bubeck, Paul Hudson, and Annegret H. Thieken,
Thu, 29 Apr,15:56–15:58

EGU21-3060: Learning to estimate losses of compound inland flooding with Bayesian multilevel models by Guilherme Samprogna Mohor, Oliver Korup, and Annegret Thieken, Fri, 30 Apr, 09:20–09:22

EGU21-1260: Hydrodynamic modelling of outburst flood hazard in the Pokhara Valley, Nepal by MELANIE FISCHER, Oliver Korup, Georg Veh, and Ariane Walz, Fri, 30 Apr, 11:12–11:14

EGU21-16372: Feature-based classification of European windstorms by CHRISTIAN PASSOW, Uwe Ulbrich, and Henning Rust, Fri, 30 Apr, 13:59–14:01

EGU21-7557 | Highlight: Seasonal ecosystem vulnerability to climatic anomalies in the Mediterranean by JOHANNES VOGEL, Fri, 30 Apr, 15:30–15:40