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Dr. rer. pol. Wissam Tawileh


Campus Golm
Universität Potsdam
Institut für Informatik und
Computational Science
An der Bahn 2
14476 Potsdam

Curriculum Vitae

Wissam Tawileh studied mechanical engineering at the University of Damascus and was involved in the digitalization and networking of the oil and gas industry in Syria. During his postgraduate studies at the University of Hildesheim, he obtained a Master's degree in Information Management and Information Technology. During his PhD in Information Systems at the Technical University of Dresden, he investigated the internationalization of university teaching by using innovative digital and hybrid teaching/learning scenarios to support academic exchange in virtual social learning environments. His teaching and research activities and projects included topics in Virtual Mobility (VM), Internationalization at Home (IaH), Social Learning Analytics (SLA), Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL), and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL).

Since May 2022, he has been working as a research assistant at the Chair of Complex Multimedia Application Architectures on the development, application, evaluation and verification of an approach for impact-oriented monitoring (WoM) in development and transfer projects using the example of quality assurance in the BMBF-funded joint project "Bildungsraum Digital (BIRD)".

Ausgewählte Publikationen

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