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Frequently asked questions

Master thesis: Is there a guideline for the preparation of the Master thesis?

Master program: Who is my contact person?

Master program: Where can I find out more about the structure and structure of my studies?

Master program: How and when do I enroll for courses?

Master program: I'm also part-time study possible?

Application: Which requirements do I have to fulfill for admission?

Application: How do I apply?

Application: Do I need a letter of motivation?

Application: Do I have to attach a module description to the application?

Application: Can I still apply for the EEC as a non-biologist and career changer?

Application: Where and how do I submit missing documents?

Application: Until when can application documents be submitted later?

Enrollment: How, where and when do I enroll?

Enrollment: What should be considered in case of a change of university (newcomers) to a higher semester of the Master's program?

Study: How do I complete my specialization module?

Study: Can I distribute my participation in the general seminar for several semesters?

Study: Is a certificate sufficient for examination inability?

Study: Course attendance - assignment to pulse module

Study: How do I apply for compensation in case of disadvantages?

Study: How / when can I take a free trial without grading?

Study: What do I do if my module is booked incorrectly in PULS?

Study: How does the recognition of study achievements work?

Study: Where can I find information about studying abroad (including ERASMUS)?

Study: How do I register for the beginning of the semester?

Master Thesis: What do I need to know about the supervisor choice?

Master Thesis: How do I register for the Master Thesis?

Master thesis: Where can I find a protocol template for the defense of a master thesis and the notification of grading in defense of a master thesis?

Master thesis: Do I defend in German or English?

Master Thesis: How do I organize the defense of the Master Thesis?

Master Thesis: How does the defense of the Master Thesis is going on?

Master Thesis: How can I apply for an extension of the Master Thesis?

Career orientation: practice portal and career service

Study: What happens if I take more courses than necessary?