The international master program in Ecology, Evolution and Nature Conservation (EEC) starts in winter semester 2019/2020. Courses are held in English, with only very few exceptions.  Please see below for details.

Application, admission, regulations

  • If you are not familiar with the German higher educational system, please first read this overview webpage of the International Office at the University of Potsdam. The International Office is a helpful service point designed to help you organize your study course with us. Next, move on to the specific pages on the admission  (1. step) and enrolment (2. step) for our future master students. You also find the deadlines for the master program on these pages.
  • In general, the prerequisite for admission to a Master's programme is a first professionally qualifying academic degree, e.g., a Bachelor's degree. More specifically for the master program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation, you must have obtained your first degree in mathematics, biology, or the natural sciences, or in science-oriented degree programmes in environmental sciences, agricultural sciences, forestry, or geosciences.
    Please note:
     This Master's programme demands a solid knowledge in organismic biology. Candidates with purely technical or engineering Bachelor degrees CANNOT be accepted!
  • Your language skills in English must be at least at the B2 level and in German at least at the A2 level according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Applications for the international master program in Ecology, Evolution and Nature Conservation are possible both for the winter semester and for the summer semester. Since many courses are usually taken during the winter semester and are organized accordingly, starting a course in the summer semester may lead to limited choices (for example due to seasonal dependencies on field courses).
  • The first semester application for EEC is submitted via an online application portal called Uni-Assist. There you will receive the necessary information for the application. You can use the contact form and phone numbers of Uni Assist if you have questions about the online application. Your documents will be handed over from there to the examination board of the individual Master's degree programs, which will examine the application documents and decide on the admission. Once you have be admitted, you can contact us directly at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biology.
  • Note the deadline for enrollment for the coming winter semester is Oct 15, 2019!
  • If you are already at an advanced state of your own education and you do not want to start here in the first semester (for example, due to higher education and / or degree programs), please read here and in the FAQ how enrollment in a higher semester works. If in doubt, please contact us directly.
  • Formal (legally binding) information the admission requirements and procedure can be found in the valid general admission regulations for Master's programs. This document is supplemented by subject-specific admission regulations for the Master program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation (German only until winter semester 2019). Likewise, the formal (legally binding) information about studying and examinations are described in the general study and examination regulations for Master's degree programs at the University of Potsdam and the subject-specific study and examination regulations of the master's program in Ecology, Evolution and Nature Conservation(will be translated to English until winter semester 2019/20). Please note: if there is no subject-specific rule described, the general rule applies.
  • The old admission regulations as well as the study and examination regulations of the former (German) Master in Ökologie, Evolution, und Naturschutz are only valid for ongoing students who started their studies before winter semester 2019/20!
Photo: Working group of Animal Ecology