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This is us

die Mitglieder des E-Learning Team zusammen in einem Zoom Call
Photo: Lea Seep

We are a team of 2 WHKs and one coordinator (Marc). We have different fields of study, are differently advanced in the number of semesters (and years of life) and thus present a great diversity of students and even teachers. We believe that this diversity is a strength, as we can look at problems from different angles and bring together a wide variety of skills. In short, we can and like to help!

Specifically, we are:

- Marc Beilcke, coordinator, teaching mathematics, computer science

- Mandy Hannemann, Physics

- Itai Yecheskeli, nutritional sciences

Former colleagues: 

- Lea Seep, Bioinformatics

- Aljoscha Goldbeck-Löwe, teacher of history and chemistry

- Katharina Kessler, Business Informatics

By the way: Of course we are also happy to process requests in English! (and could even do it in Hebrew)