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Coordinators for the Federal Education Assistance Act (BAföG)

Subject Family Name Given Name Title e-mail adress
Institute of Biochemistry and Biology
MA Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lenhard Michael Prof. Dr. michael.lenhard@uni-potsdam.de
Grebe (Stv.) Markus Prof. Dr. markus.grebe@uni-potsdam.de
MA Bioinformatics Selbig Joachim Prof. Dr. jselbig@uni-potsdam.de
Grebe (Stv.) Markus Prof. Dr. markus.grebe@uni-potsdam.de
BA/MA Biology/Teaching Professions Gräf Ralph Prof. Dr. zellbio@uni-potsdam.de
Prechtl (Stv.) Helmut Prof. Dr. prechtl@uni-potsdam.de
BA Life Sciences Arndt Katja Prof. Dr. katja.arndt@uni-potsdam.de
Joshi (Stv.) Jasmin Prof. Dr. jjoshi@uni-potsdam.de
MA Ecology, Evolution and Nature Conservation Joshi Jasmin Prof. Dr. jjoshi@uni-potsdam.de
Jeltsch (Stv.) Florian Prof. Dr. jeltsch@uni-potsdam.de
Schanzenbach Dirk Dr. Dschanz@uni-potsdam.de
Schwarze Thomas Dr. schwarth@uni-potsdam.de
Institute of Nutritional Science
Neuschäfer-Rube Frank PD Dr. fneusch@uni-potsdam.de
Kruse (Stv.) Hans-Peter Dr. hpkruse@uni-potsdam.de
Institute of Geography
Geography (Bachelor/Master of Education) Wienecke Maik wienecke@uni-potsdam.de
Institute of Earth- and Environmental Science
Geoecology Zimmermann Alexander Dr. alexander.zimmermann.ii@uni-potsdam.de
Lipp (Stv.) Torsten Dr. tlipp@uni-potsdam.de
Geoscience Altenberger Uwe apl. Prof. Dr. altenber@uni-potsdam.de
Strecker (Stv.) Manfred Prof. PhD strecker@geo.uni-potsdam.de
Institute of Computer Science
Richter Eva Dr. evaricht@uni-potsdam.de
Severin (Stv.) Wolfgang Dr. severin@cs.uni-potsdam.de
IT-Systems Engineering (Hasso-Plattner-Institute)
Döllner Jürgen Prof. Dr. doellner@hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Giese (Stv.) Holger Jun.-Prof. Dr. hgiese@uni-potsdam.de
Institute of Mathematics
Holschneider Martin Prof. Dr. hols@math.uni-potsdam.de
Blanchard (Stv.) Gilles Prof. Dr. gilles.blanchard@math.uni-potsdam.de
Institute of Physics and Astronomy
Feldmeier Achim apl. Prof. Dr. afeld@uni-potsdam.de
Weigt (Stv.) Harry Dr. hweigt@uni-potsdam.de