Information from the Dean of Studies on the impact of the Corona crisis on the Faculty of Science's studies and teaching

Dear students and staff of the Faculty of Science,

please always check the University's current web pages for information on the impact of the Corona crisis on studying and teaching:

  • The University of Potsdam has created a central information page on the coronavirus erstellt, aimed at students and employees.
  • The Vice President's Office for Studies and Teaching provides information with a special page on the Effects on studies and teaching.
  • Department 2: Study Affairs has also created an information page with​​​​​​​ FAQ on the impact on the consequences of the measures to contain the coronavirus for the area of teaching and studies. The page is continuously supplemented and updated.
  • If you have any questions about online teaching, please consult the ZfQ pages, which offer many tips and further training courses on the conversion to digital teaching.
  • The University Library has put together a page with the most important information on electronic resources.

At the moment, face-to-face events are possible. Due to the applicable distance rules, a maximum of half the room capacity may be used. Please observe the  University's hygiene and safety rules and the regulations published on the intranet when conducting classroom events and examinations.

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