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Prof. Dr. Rainald Borck

Professor Rainald Borck studied economics at Technische Universität Berlin, George Mason University, Fairfax, USA and Humboldt-University Berlin where he received his PhD and habilitated.

From 2002 - 2006 Rainald Borck was a research associate at DIW Berlin. 2006 he became a fixed-term Professor at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich until he was appointed as a professor at University of Passau. 

Since 2012 he is the chairholder for Public Economics at the University of Potsdam.

His research interests include Public Economics, Urban and Regional Economics, Political Economics, Fiscal Federalism and Educational Economics.

Rainald Borck is also a research fellow at CESifo and DIW Berlin. He is member of Verein für Socialpolitik, committee of regional theory and politics, committee of social policy and of the public economics committee.

The detailed CV as PDF-file.

Access to publications.

Working Papers (selection)

• R. Borck, Public transport and urban pollution, CESifo Working Paper 6606, 2017. (pdf)

• R. Borck and M. Pflüger. Green Cities? Urbanization, trade and the environment. IZA  discussion paper 9104, 2015. (pdf).

• R. Borck. Will skyscrapers save the planet? Building height limits and urban greenhouse gas emissions. CESifo Working Paper Series 4773, CESifo Group Munich, 2014. (pdf). Revise/resubmit, Regional Science and Urban Economics.

• S. Bauernschuster and R. Borck. The effect of child care provision on family structure: Theory and evidence. CESifo Working Paper series No. 3763, 2012. (pdf). Revise/resubmit CESifo Economic Studies.


Publications (selection)

• R. Borck and T. Tabuchi. Pollution and city size: can cities be too small? Journal of Economic Geography, forthcoming. (pdf)

• R. Borck and M. Wrede. Spatial and social mobility. Journal of Regional Science, forthcoming. (pdf)

• R. Borck and J. K. Brueckner. Optimal Energy Taxation in Cities. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, forthcoming. (pdf)

• R. Borck, F. Fossen, R. Freier, and T. Martin. Race to the debt trap? Spatial econometric evidence on debt in German municipalities. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 53, 20-37, 2015.

• R. Borck, S. Uebelmesser, and M. Wimbersky. Political economics of higher education finance with mobile students. FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis, 71, 82-105, 2015.

• R. Borck. Adieu Rabenmutter – culture, fertility, female labour supply, the gender wage gap and childcare. Journal of Population Economics, 27(3), 739–765, 2014. (pdf)

• R. Borck and M. Wimbersky. Political economics of higher education finance. Oxford Economic Papers, 66(1), 115–139, 2014. (pdf)






Consultation hours:
Thursdays, 2.00-3.00 pm (please contact the team assistant in advance for an appointment).

House 1, room 3.01.132a
August-Bebel-Str. 89
14482 Potsdam

Telephone: +49 331 977-3393
Telefax: +49 331 977-3392
E-Mail: Rainald Borck